Organization for every student

iHomework’s intuitive interface and powerful features make your academic life easier than ever

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iHomework on any device

Whether you’re walking to class with your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or Macbook, iHomework is available on all Apple devices.

Manage your academic career from your Apple laptop or mobile device so you never miss another deadline. iHomework is designed to improve your life as a student, so you can focus on what you do best.

Quickly enter homework assignments, course and teacher information, important tasks, and reading in a fun, intuitive, and convenient way.

Schedule your courses

Keep detailed information about your courses including teachers, location, and meeting times. The course menus let you narrow down your work so you can see exactly what work you need to get done.

Whether on a regular Monday-Friday schedule or a complex block schedule, iHomework lets you configure when you need to get to class.

More than just homework

In addition to tracking homework, iHomework can organize your reading assignments and important tasks.

Any time you have a chapter or two to read before the next big test, you can add the book and task to iHomework. Make sure you finish the reading before tackling any linked assignments.

Make the grade

iHomework can be configured to support any kind of grading style. Whether your teacher uses a simple point based system or complex weighted grading style, iHomework can handle them all.

Grade your assignments as you mark them complete and let iHomework do the math. Knowing where you stand can be the difference between that A and A+.

Sync your academic life

iHomework makes it easy to organize your life in any situation. Sync with iHomework Mac for OS X so you can track your academic life in the most convenient way possible.

Head over to the iHomework Mac page to find out more information about what the iHomework suite has to offer.